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Jo can coach individuals, team or organisations to be happier, more productive, more successful and flourish. Jo uses a variety of tools, models and assessments to best suit her clients to reach the goals, and life, they want and be the very best version of themselves. Jo will help them to identify goals and will help them to be accountable in achieving them.

Through using positive psychology interventions, Jo can help increase personal and professional wellbeing and facilitate a positive mindset and actions. Using tools to assist, Jo focusses on positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and achievement to help people move toward a more meaningful life. Free first consult, $120 for subsequent sessions.


Coaching for teams or individual staff to support them to be more productive, be more positive and improve performance. Through interventions and assessments, Jo can work with your staff to discover their strengths, using them to improve performance, help them identify goals and support them to achieve them. First consult free with further sessions negotiable.