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In this age of immediacy, everything happens straight away. Technology has made our lives frantic without the time to stop and breathe. Long gone are the days of a leisurely stroll to the Post Office to send a telegram or the wait to receive a response to the letter you posted three days ago.

We no longer have to wait for the printing to happen or the need to walk around to the shop to buy stocks for the office. All these things helped us to have times in our everyday to stop, move and to notice what we notice. We have lost those times of mindfulness opportunities as everything happens on line and it all happens NOW!

The problem with this is the wellbeing of our staff.  If we don’t manage our staff wellbeing effectively, we will be managing staff burnout, absenteeism or WorkCover stress. Business these days need to be very aware of these issues and are advised to include staff wellbeing in their Business Plans. Research has shown that happy staff are 32% more productive! Isn’t that enough to pursue happiness for your staff?


  • Parenting workshops to help staff to juggle work and parenting

  • Mindfulness programs

  • Strength Profiling

  • Programs to explore and practice meaning and purpose

  • Exploration of work:life balance to pursue a happy life/life satisfaction

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Psychological Capital

  • Strength-based coaching for individuals or teams

Contact Jo to discuss your specific needs and allow Jo to present you with a proposal to increase productivity and profits in your organisation through focussing on staff wellbeing.