Growth Coaching

Jo can coach individuals, team or organisations to be happier, more productive, more successful and flourish. Jo uses a variety of tools, models and assessments to best suit her clients to reach the goals, and life, they want and be the very best version of themselves. Jo will help them to identify goals and will help them to be accountable in achieving them.


Educational Consulting

Jo delivers a variety of programs for schools and school community members. These include Positive Education programs in schools, a Positive Leadership program for school executives and Student and Staff wellbeing programs for schools.


Staff Wellbeing for Business & Organisations

If we don’t manage our staff wellbeing effectively, we will be managing staff burnout, absenteeism or WorkCover stress. Business these days need to be very aware of these issues and are advised to include staff wellbeing in their Business Plans. Research has shown that happy staff are 32% more productive! Isn’t that enough to pursue happiness for your staff?


Strength Profiling

Accredited by the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology, Jo can analyse your strengths (realised, unrealised and learned) and coach you to identify strategies to best use your strengths to best effect and to overcome challenges in your working or personal life.


Action for Happiness - Exploring What Matters Course

Action for Happiness is an organisation based in the UK and are set up to spread happiness around the world! The Exploring What Matters Course is set up for adults who are looking to spend time with like people, to explore what is important to them, what happiness is and how you can best plan your life, to get more of it!


Strength-Based Parenting and Kids Workshops

Strength-based parenting is a scientifically researched approach where parents confidently and intentionally focus on their child’s strengths and positive qualities to increase life satisfaction. Research shows that children with strength-based parents have stronger academic, emotional and social skills.


Shellharbour Village Health & Wellness Centre

Jo operates from the Shellharbour Village Health and Wellness Centre. Along with Bruce Power, Masseuse and Inga Kilby, Naturopath, they take an holistic approach to your wellbeing.