What IS Strength-based Parenting?

Many ask what exactly IS Strength-based Parenting?

 Strength-based Parenting is a positive parenting model that encourages connecting your children with their natural strengths before attending to their faults and shortcomings.  It is helping them in using their strengths to help them overcome their challenges.

 There has been a great deal of research undertaken on the benefits of strength-based parenting and it has shown that strength-based parenting :

·      Increases levels of happiness and engagement in school

·      Lifts levels of academic achievement

·      Increases levels of life satisfaction and self-esteem

·      Improved work performance, and

·      Reduces risk of depression.

 What strength-based parenting is not about is false and/or excessive praise. It’s about real and authentic feedback based on your child’s actual strengths. 

 It’s all about discovering and learning how to identify your child’s strengths and then being specific and deliberate about the language that you use.

 An example could be: “You know how to make friends because you are kind and funny and because you care about others. So, let’s talk about the things you did to get to know you classmates at your last school that will help you make friends at your new school. “

Helping your children identify, accept and label their strengths, will mean they will be more likely to use them when faced with challenges.

 What constitutes a strength is dependent upon their performance, how energised they are when using it and how often they use it. We’re talking about character strengths here, not talents. There is a difference. Talents are things like art, music, sport. Character strengths are things like honesty, pride, bravery, perseverance and compassion. These are the things that will get your children through their tough future. Their futures are going to be very different to ours and we need to ‘future proof’ them by building up their strengths to ensure that the changes and challenges that they will no doubt face, will be met with confidence.

 We will be running more Strength-based parenting workshops at the Shellharbour Village Health & Wellness Centre in Addison Street, Shellharbour Village.  For more information and to check out the details, book and pay for your place , go to https://strengthbasedparentingandkids.com.au/our-workshopsWorkshops cost $40

Jo Opie