What actually makes us happy?

Let’s talk Happiness Pie!

 Why do some people seem happier than others?

What makes one person a “my glass is half empty” person and another one “my glass is half full” person? Not an easy question to answer, however I learned recently that 50% of our disposition is explained by a genetically determined happiness set point. It’s our DNA.  Our circumstance is only 10% and the last 40% is through our intentional activities.

This means that what we do in that 40% may give us opportunities to increase or decrease our levels of happiness!  That’s exciting because it shows us that there is much we can do to control our wellbeing and improve our happiness range! 

We also know through years of research, that simple intentional activities or interventions to improve your wellbeing can lead to increased happiness and we also know through the research, that happy people are more likely to:

·      Be healthier

·      Sleep better

·      Live longer

·      Are more tolerant of pain

·      Are more creative

·      Are more resilient

·      Are more successful

·      Are more socially engaged

·      And have stronger and more intimate relationships.

These intentional activities can include things like meditation, mindfulness activities, do something good for someone else, find your purpose in life and pursue it, get active, laugh, love and stop to smell the roses! There are a million ways to increase your happiness and it’s important to find the right fit for you. 

Happiness is a choice! 

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, notice what you notice, practice some mindfulness, laugh, love and get happy! 


Jo Opie