Start your day the mindful way!

Do you often wake up and rush to get on with your day?

Do you switch on your devices as soon as you can? Does your day end the way it began, frantic and scrambled?

Experiment with starting your day in a more mindful way and notice what you feel as a result. Pick a day and give these activities a try...

Waking Up

  • Lie in bed, stretch and wiggle your fingers and toes. Notice how that feels

  • Sit up and notice three things that you like in the room

  • Get up, take a big stretch and shake out your arms and legs. Notice how that feels

  • Take a big breath in …. and breathe out very slowly …

Getting Ready

  • Pay attention to the temperature, sound and feel of the water as you shower or wash

  • Notice the smell of the soap you use

  • How does the towel feel as you dry yourself?

  • As you get dressed, notice how each item of your clothing feels and sounds as you put it on

  • Breathe in deeply ….. and then out.

Mindful Breakfast

  • Turn off your devices!

  • Eat slowly and mindfully

  • Notice the feel, smell and taste of each mouthful. Do they change as you chew slowly?

  • Carefully tidy your dish or plate away. Notice any sounds, smells or textures as you do this.

On the way to work/school/uni

  • Listen to and look at your surroundings. Notice the scenery, the people, the sounds, the smells, the colours you can see

  • Before you start work, take a moment to focus on your breath to help you get ready to be effective

At the end of the day, reflect on your day.

How did it start for you? Were you calm, positive and did that change your effectiveness throughout the day.

Was your positivity more prevalent and did that impact on your day.

How did you handle any difficult issues? Was it better today than it was yesterday?

If you found the day better than other days, you were more in control, less stressed, managed things more positively etc, then, what is one thing you could do each day to start in such a positive way to enable your day to be more positive and effective?

You need help? Let me know.

Jo Opie