Psychology vs Positive Psychology


What's the difference between Psychology and Positive Psychology?

Well, nothing really!

However, in the days when Psychology first became a ‘thing’, the focus was meant to be on ‘fixing’ the unwell but also in being proactive in keeping those that are well, always well and even better. However, the scientific funding was always associated with the sick and so the proactive aspect of psychology was lost – until relatively recently! Martin Seligman was the one who highlighted the importance of focussing on wellbeing, happiness and wellness because that prevents people from becoming unwell and requiring interventions.

It’s vital to note that what is GOOD with us is as important as what is BAD with us. So Positive Psychology was born (or reinvented!). It is a Science, steeped in a great deal of research where the concept is to support everyone’s wellbeing, through working on positive relationships, positive emotions, meaning and purpose, engagement and achievement and much more. This does not mean we ignore the negative, no one can be positive all the time. But we aim to have more positive experiences than negative and keep working towards that ratio.

There are a plethora of assessments, theories and tools to work out your current wellbeing and then to find strategies to help you become happier, more productive and to flourish. If you would like some help to find those tools and discover some strategies, please come see me. I would love to help!

Emma Hackett