Growth Coaching.


Well, here it is!

I'm here because I'm passionate about helping others to maximise their potential, whether it be at school, at work, at home, with relationships, with health and wellbeing. I'm focussed on supporting people through a positive change process through growth coaching.

So what IS Growth Coaching? Growth Coaching is a model to support others to achieve their goals.  It is not mentoring! Growth Coaching assumes that the client already has the answers and the coach has the skills to draw those answers forward to enable the client to be supported through the process of identifying the goal, deciding on the options available and supporting them through to their ultimate realisation of the goal.

In this space, I will walk with you on the journey of positive change management, strength coaching and growth coaching with you and my private clients.  I will share my achievements and I will share my challenges.  I am so excited to be sharing this with you and I thank you for deciding to join me on my travels.   

There is so much to experience.  There is so much to learn!  Come with me and together we will watch as we all grow to be people we never thought we could be!

Welcome aboard!

Jo :)


Emma Hackett