Another Day...

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Sundays are wonderful days. Full of promise of a day filled with sun, activity, laughter, family, friends and happiness. But where did it go? As I sit here reflecting on another day, I realise that it's up to me to fill it full of the things that I love and value.

There is no use lamenting a 'lost' day or opportunities gone missing, when all it takes is ME! It is ME who makes the days what they are. It is ME who decides to get up or stay in bed. Neither is good, nor bad, they are both my decision. Why didn't I launch out of bed and head out for a refreshing walk with the dog? Why didn't I jump up and head out to have a breakfast by the sea? Why didn't I contact a friend I hadn't seen for a while and set up a lunch together? 

Well, I think life gets in the way.

Heading downstairs you see the washing that you need to throw in the machine. There is that horrible mark on the wall that is demanding your attention. The printout of the form you need to complete to organise another debit direct account.  In fact, if you let yourself really look around, there is SO much that needs doing, you will never get out to do the things that make you happy. 

So, what do you do?

Well, you compartmentalise first.  You pop all those household jobs into the 'to do ' bin and then allocate a specific time to do it. The times maybe varied throughout the week, but set aside specific time to get them done.  Don't do them now - they'll wait for you. I promise!  Do them when YOU are ready to do them, not when THEY decide you have to do them. 

Once you have compartmentalised your tasks and allocated the times, then set about the activities to want to do today. Don't take more than ten minutes PLEASE! This should never be another task you have to compartmentalise! Once the goal is set, go about arranging the lunch, the movies, the walk, the chat, whatever. But DO IT!  And you can do it knowing that those jobs you need doing, will get done, because you have set your time to do it.

Now........ go and enjoy!  And don't ever have another Sunday evening reflecting on a "I should have..."!  Sundays are there to enjoy. Don't waste them.  They are your opportunity to practice your meaningful life. Go grab it!

Emma Hackett